006: Investing in Yourself as a Music Producer

006: Investing in Yourself as a Music Producer

This week, I wanted to highlight the importance of looking at yourself as an asset you need to invest in to reach your dreams. You can invest in Stocks, 401K's, Real Estate, etc....but none of those investments you can directly control the outcome of. Investing in yourself and your growth is entirely within your control.

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Investing in yourself is betting on yourself. Deciding to take that Sound Design course you've been hearing about. Or maybe a marketing course to teach you how to reach the right people. Can be anything, can be a time investment, can me a financial investment, most likely most investments with be both. As artists we need to prioritize investing in ourselves consistently, like the 9-5er's view their 401ks.

PS: I am not saying don't save anything for a rainy day (you definitely should). Just saying believe in yourself and place the bets on yourself to grow to your highest potential.