008: 5 Tips from EPROM's Livestream

008: 5 Tips from EPROM's Livestream

This week I wanted to highlight some of the things I learned from watching EPROM's Making a Beat Live stream he did (and that is now on YouTube). It sounds like he's going to do more so make sure you go subscribe to EPROM's YouTube Channel, his streams will all be full of gems.

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  1. Easy Multiband Processing in a Single Ableton Rack. You can split your Basses when processing them to treat the Mids & Highs different from the Low Sub Range. EPROM does this in a single rack in Ableton, and in the particular case he highlights, is treating 250 Hz and up with a HAAS Effect type of Delay, and leaving the Lowend untouched by the delay. [WATCH @ 22:00]
  2. Try using Quantize Settings when correcting MIDI Clips. When you highlight MIDI Notes in a MIDI Clip, instead of Quantizing straight to the grid, you can open the Quantize Settings menu and adjust the amount you'd like to correct. Quantizing this way allows you to leave part of the human element in your MIDI clips without having to go in and adjust each MIDI Note one by one. [WATCH @ 31:20]
  3. Resampling full tracks through Granulator II will give you some crazy snippets of sound to use. He mentions that this resampling trick is one the of Aces up his sleeve when it comes to his sound design, and its fascinating to watch him run through this process live. [WATCH @ 50:42]
  4. Boosting Bass into a Limiter gives a psychoacoustic effect of loudness. When you exposed to a super loud sound in real life (he uses the example of a jet engine) you will only hear the lower frequencies of that sound since the hairs inside your ears will be pushed down. Pushing your lowend into a limiter will give you this effect. [WATCH @ 51:50]
  5. HAVE FUN MAKING MUSIC. Every part of his stream, EPROM is bouncing, smiling, messing around, having FUN. Sure he has a lot of techniques he goes to, but you can tell he's just having a good time and the best music happens when you have fun producing. If you're not grinning and bobbing in your sessions, what are you really doing it for anyway?

Also...I found the pack where EPROM grabs his boom bap snare from, see this Reddit thread to download it or just download here.