009: Besatree — Social Media Strategies, Using Samples, Speedy Workflow tips, and more.

009: Besatree — Social Media Strategies, Using Samples, Speedy Workflow tips, and more.

This week I sat down with Besatree, a rapper + producer + graphic designer who's been making music for TWO DECADES! Had a ton of fun with this conversation, this dude clearly enjoys his craft and it really shows. We cover a lot over the course of our conversation, touching on everything from social media hacks to things, should you worry about using samples, being efficient with your workflow, and much more.


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When you wear the vocalist, producer, mixing, and design hats for as long as this dude has, you are going to have some valuable tricks and tips to share. Make sure to listen for the duration and absorb it all!



1. Releasing Singles vs. Albums when starting out: Releasing singles allows you to create more content around your music and update your audience more often, which is important at the early stages of a project. If you put out an Album or even an EP without a sizable dedicated fanbase, you are (in my opinion) wasting opportunities to introduce your audience to each track individually and build more hype. If you have a collection of tracks you really want to release as an Album or EP, release a track at a time off of it. This way you can call out that "this track is off my Untitled EP" but allows you to operate like you are releasing a bunch of singles.

2. Don't worry about clearing samples at the start: This may raise your eyebrows, but hear me out. Let's say you use a sample from a record Warner Bros owns, and you make a FIRE track out of it. You put the song out and it BLOWS UP. Millions of streams, tons of new followers, you hit gold. Until one day, Warner Bros sends you a cease and desist. OH NO! Except all you have to do is take the song down. You still maintain all of the momentum you received from the release. They can't take those new fans away. You move onto the next track and on with your life, a HUGE step closer to your dream than you would be if you caved to the fear of what might happen if you sampled that track. Someone tell me I'm wrong here.

3. Save drafts on Instagram & Twitter: Get all of your content creation and scheduling out of the way — to do this, create the post (on IG you have to add a caption), get everything perfect, and then hit cancel or back. You should be prompted to save a draft when you do so. Save it. Do this for a weeks worth of content (or more), and then all you have to do day of is select the draft, post, and close the app. For people looking to up the frequency of their posting, this hack is a must!

4. Create Platform Specific Content: For example, if you post a piece of content best suited for IG on YouTube or Twitter, chances are it won't do very well. If you do want to reuse content in this way ask yourself: how could I tweak this piece of content to better capture the attention of my audience on each specific platform? This is more of a general rule of thumb (people screenshotting tweets and posting them to IG breaks this rule for example but still tend to to well), but something every content creator should keep in mind.

5. Save your Presets, Effects Racks, EVERYTHING: If you nailed some vocal processing in a given track, if you loved a master you did on another, SAVE THE PROCESSING RACKS! If you aren't in Ableton and don't know what this means, look up Ableton Racks and then explain to me why you aren't in Ableton yet...