011: LO WISE (1/2 of ENNO) — Creative Bass Processing, Choosing Ableton over FL Studio, and more.

011: LO WISE (1/2 of ENNO) — Creative Bass Processing, Choosing Ableton over FL Studio, and more.

This week I sat down with LO WISE, a talented producer hailing from Stockton, California. This dude is super versatile and makes everything from hip hop to heavy bass heavy bangers. We talked a lot about how he processes his basses, why he ended up making the switch to Ableton, and much more.


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Random Notes from the Episode:

  • Why Ableton: One of the main reasons LO WISE switched to Ableton because of how easy it is to manipulate audio. In FL, you have to stop playback and render audio every time you want to make a change in audio.
  • Grabbing Samples: Finds most of his samples from Splice (if you haven't been using Splice you need to check it out)
  • Favorite Synth: Uses Omnisphere for melodic / chord driven sounds
  • Favorite Serum Wavetables for Basses: LO WISE's favorite wavetables in Serum are the ones under "Spectral"
  • LO WISE's Recommended Free Saturator: Recommended a saturator called HeadCrusher (get the free version here)
  • Achieving his signature "vocoder" type Bass Sound: LO WISE uses Ableton's Resonators to achieve his super dope vocoder type of sound for its basses (we talk about this @ 23:30 in the podcast)
  • LO WISE's Mastering Chain: For mastering, he uses Ozone 8 and Red 3 Compressor by FocusRite as a "glue" type of compressor
  • LO WISE's One Tip for New Producers: Don't worry about watching too many tutorials, spend more time experimenting and messing around on your own. There are always many different ways to achieve the results you want, its good to find your own path to them.
  • Musical Influences: Skrillex, SKisM, Koan Sound, Camo and Krooked