013: PRETTY SWEET — How to thrive as a duo, making your drums pop, and more.

013: PRETTY SWEET — How to thrive as a duo, making your drums pop, and more.

For this week's episode I sat down with Pretty Sweet, a production duo powerhouse based out of LA and Salt Lake City. The two met at a Troi Boi show years ago and have since combined their plethora of music experience to create a unique, heavy hitting, energy packed signature sound. These dudes shared tons of knowledge and insight throughout this episode, so make sure you listen to this one end to end!


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Their experience at ICON Collective @ 12:00:

  • You get out of it exactly what you put into it
  • Insight industry heavy hitters (Disciple Records Mastering Engineer, Steve Duda, many more)
  • Finding your flow state

Hip Hop Influences @ 25:30:

  • Alcoholics
  • Atmosphere
  • LP (from Run the Jewels)
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • J Cole
  • Drake
  • Token
  • Da Baby

Transitioning from FL Studio to Ableton Live @ 31:00

Benefits of working as a Duo @ 35:20

Surviving as a Duo @ 40:30

Drum tips @ 43:50:

  • Hold back your closed hats when the snare hits
  • Don't overdo your drums processing, most samples you use are already heavily processed
  • Slight coloring saturation on the drum bus can bring the sounds together and make them pop
  • Don't over layer, find the right samples and present them well
  • Use reverb to push sounds "deeper" or "closer" in your overall mix

Bass Processing @ 49:50:

  • Make a "foundation" sound (by using a preset or by making a simple patch) to make what they call a "2008 type of sound".
  • Bounce this sound to audio, and then stretch, manipulate, resample
  • Add some creative post processing from there and try to arrive at a result that is unique that not too crushed (white noise heavy)
  • Use LFOs with different rates to create unique grooves to spark ideas
  • Pay attention to where there aren't things. The songs that slap the hardest are usually the simplest

Pretty Sweet's Favorite Plugins @ 56:08:

Bouncing back from failure @ 1:02:20