015: Trikeri — Getting booked, balancing a day job, and more

015: Trikeri — Getting booked, balancing a day job, and more

For this week's episode I sat down with Trikeri, who is an up and coming experimental bass producer hailing from North Carolina. This dude's production and sound design is insane, you definitely need to go peep some of his music.

This track from him especially caught my ear, its nuts:


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We talked about everything from getting booked for the first time, to how he organizes his sample library, and even why he always starts a song with the snare. Make sure you listen to the full episode, but here are some highlights for those of you looking to dig into some of the specific topics we covered.


1) Getting booked for your first show (@ 23:39)
First and foremost, go to the shows. You need to show your face around the scene and get to know the people throwing these shows. Find out who's putting on the show and ask a friend for an introduction if possible. It takes a few run ins with someone to get on their radar, so make sure not to rush these relationships. Become aquainted and make friends with the promoters over the course of a few interactions, and then ask if you can send them some of your music. If they like your stuff, chances are they'll be open to adding you to one of their shows sometime in the future. If they don't respond, STOP SENDING. Don't be annoying.

It's important to note that this might not work if your music isn't on point yet or if you don't have a direct enough line to the promoters running the shows. But the takeaway is simple enough: go to local shows you could see yourself playing, make friends, and share your music.

Also as an important reminder for ANY relationship in your life - make sure you are finding ways that you can help the people you make friends with. Just spamming your music around to everyone you meet is not going to get you very far.

2) How to get practice on CDJ's if you can't afford them (@ 33:20)
Understanding the basic principles of mixing doesn't require a $4000 investment in DJ Equipment...all you really need is something like a basic midi controlled mixer that might run you for a hundred bucks or so. Get something to practice on at home that's affordable. You can also find "open deck nights" in your town where a club or bar will let you come play on their expensive equipment to use as practice.

3) Why Ableton? (@ 38:56)

4) Sound Design Stuff (@ 43:24)
Trikeri mentioned he learned a ton from COPYCATT, FREQUENT, and MatZo's tutorials. Click through their names to watch their super informative videos yourself!

5) Starting with your Snare (@ 49:24)

6) Markus Hakala Kicks NEVER fail
Trikeri mentions these kicks never fail because these kicks ares so full and long (not to mention labeled by key) that you can carve them to exactly what you need....DOWNLOAD THE KICKS HERE

7) Mixing/Mastering tips from a conversation with KURSA (@ 57:49)

8) Trikeri's favorite plugins: