Bass Camp 018: Theevs — How to license your music to companies like Red Bull and Samsung

Bass Camp 018: Theevs — How to license your music to companies like Red Bull and Samsung

What's up Bass Campers! This week, I sat down with Theevs, a producer based out of of LA who makes some dope hip hop influenced future bass beats. During our conversation, you'll learn how he got major placements with companies like Red Bull and Samsung, why he chooses to use Ableton, and much more.

Here's one of my favorites from him:

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1) Turning micro-licensing deals into major placements ( @ 9:40 - 31:40 )

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when beginning your journey into getting your music licensed. There's sooo many marketplaces to sign up for, and each one seems like it will require you to market your music to some extent to reach the top of any given marketplace's charts to generate any real money. Dedicating time trying to chart on one website, let alone multiple, would be a huge headache. If this is something you've been stressing about, I really encourage you to listen to the conversation in its entirety. But here's the synapses:

Theeves shared that he generates a good chunk of his income from music licensing, so he knows a thing or two about the subject. He got his start using To get listed, he simply submitted an EP's worth of tracks to them via email asking if they'd be interested in listing his tracks on their marketplace. They ended up liking his music and agreed, which lead him to sending them more music over time.

Over the course of a years time, the amount of tracks he had listed on the platform grew to a solid number, and he started making a decent income from micro-licensing, which is when a YouTuber, Podcaster, etc uses a portion of your song in their content. Your song can be micro-licensed by as many people who are interested, so there is huge upside here as a producer not only for exposure but for additional income.

Some of the micro-licensing deals turned into inquiries from companies like Redbull asking for custom beats at a higher rate. Instead of reaching out to these big companies with a moonshot cold email, his listing on the ArtList site itself is what generated their interest.

2) Why Ableton ( @ 35:20 )

3) Top 5 Favorite Plugins ( @ 48:40 )


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