Serum Update Walkthrough - 5 New Features

Serum Update Walkthrough - 5 New Features

Before we jump in...

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Now for today's episode...

I've been wanting to do a review of all the new features included in the Serum Update released a few weeks ago, so I'm pumped to share this episode with you all! I know there are few videos covering the update out there already, but there are a few features that seemed to have gone under the radar that are pretty cool.



The 5 New Serum Features (From the Official Release Notes - Version 1.303 - 5/30/20):

1) LFO Point modulation @ 0:27 [WATCH]

Right-click (ctrl-click MacOS) on a point in the LFO Graph, you will see “Modulate X” and Modulate Y” options on the pop-up menu.

  • You will then see a list of (in use) LFO Busses plus one empty one (e.g. you only see "LFO Bus 1" only when starting a new preset) followed by a list of Mod Sources.
  • By selecting a mod source, you are Creating a Matrix assignment (Selected Mod Source -> LFO Bus) and also the point association (e.g. point X axis->LFO Bus).
  • The busses allow for multiple points to be controlled by a single Matrix assignment/depth.

2) Drag-export last played note as wav file @ 3:44 [WATCH]

  • You should see a waveform icon appear when mousing over the very top-left of Serum's window (top-left corner of SERUM logo).
  • Drag this to the DAW, it records the last played note+velo+duration to a file (Serum Presets/Renders/).
  • You can e.g. drag-select multiple points and assign them to the same bus.

3) Level Trim controls for the effect modules @ 4:25 [WATCH]

  • Click an Effect Rack's Mix Knob to toggle between Mix / Level

4) “init all LFOs” to main menu @ 5:21 [WATCH]

5) Velocity Sensitive Piano Roll @ 6:13 [WATCH]