Bass Camp 020: Yovng Retro — Achieving a vintage sound, how to land big mentors, and much more

Bass Camp 020: Yovng Retro — Achieving a vintage sound, how to land big mentors, and much more

What's up Bass Campers, for this week's episode I sat down with Yovng Retro, a bass producer that ties his sound together with a vintage vibe. In our conversation, you'll learn how he achieves his signature retro sound, how to land established producers like NXSTY as mentors, and much more.

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Check out his latest single "Engage":



1) Achieving a "Vintage" or "Retro" type of vibe @ 5:32:

Yovng Retro mentions Super Audio Cart (by Impact Soundworks) is one of the main tools he uses to get some of the retro video game type of sounds.

For visuals, he reaches out to different pixel artists on IG. He finds these artists by following tags like "8bit", "pixel art", "synthwave", etc. Following tags on IG is a super powerful tool for discovering artists to collab with.

2) Making your tracks feel like a movie @ 15:38:

Yovng Retro touches on a really dope concept he uses in some of his tracks. Basically, he downloads a bunch of movie sound fx off of Splice and arranges his intros and other parts of his songs to tell a story. Glass breaking of a car window and guns blasting, panning things to make them to give a more realistic feel. This is a super solid way to create a more unique vibe in your tracks and stand out from the pack.

3) Quarantine livestream ideas @ 18:20:

Its a tough time for all of us, and we dive into how he's handling the whole situation. He mentions he loves watching live streams of the artists he's connected to, and how watching the way other artists are pushing the boundaries online definitely helps keep the inspiration levels high!

There's plenty of food for thought in this section if you are looking for ideas for your own livestream. We talk about live feedback streams, and how you can tap into them to find other artists just like you that you would have never found otherwise, and how there are benefits to doing these types of things as a smaller artist with fewer followers. There are also people doing challenges such as "if I get this many likes, I'll put together this whole lego set."

He mentions the Huski Bass livestream, check out their IG here.

You are only as bored as you allow yourself to feel! There are always ways to think outside the box to keep yourself occupied.

4) How he landed NXSTY as a mentor @ 33:00:

Listen to the episode to hear the full story 🤘🏻

5) Production Tips @ 46:00:

Look for glitches in unconventional packs. This pretty much goes for any type of sounds really not just glitches. For example, if you make hybrid trap, try using some mid-tempo packs for some sounds. Or do it like Yovng Retro and go into the movie packs and get some crazy FX.

Ableton stock plugins are underrated, its incredible what you can achieve using only stock stuff. All my returning listeners will know how I feel about this, and Yovng Retro agrees.

He mentions he loved my Black Magic Ableton Racks as his favorite sound design tool, shoot me a dm if you are interested in trying it out yourself!