Bass Shots Vol. 1 (50+ Sounds)

Bass Shots Vol. 1 (50+ Sounds)

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Looking at a blank Ableton screen and in need of some inspiration? Have a banger in progress that needs a little extra sauce?

Enter my new Bass Shots series. As much as we all love to sit in serum for hours, sometimes all we need is a few fat and dirty audio samples to toss in a sampler or stretch the shit out of to get the creative juices flowing.

  Check out this drop made with the pack:

Included in Volume 1, you'll get:

  • 42 One Shots
  • 7 Loops
  • 6 Raw Extended Clips of Bass Audio (taken straight from my Sound Design sessions) 

Not convinced? Click here to download a free demo of the pack

Need more Bass? I got you covered.